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Program and Internship Coordinator

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Ақп 28, 2024

KIMEP, School of Computer Science and Mathematics is looking for Program and Internship Coordinator

Job Title: Program and Internship Coordinator

Division: School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Position reports to: Dean of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Job Purpose Summary:

Reporting to the Dean of CSM. Responsibilities include providing administrative support for the departments hosted in the CSM, establishing partnerships, preparing contracts, and all administrative matters related to the internship programs. The Program and Internship Coordinator will be the primary contact person for students and the college community. The Program Coordinator plans, coordinates, and implements such activities as student outreach, student advising in direct coordination with chairs and faculty, student recruitment, student orientation, oversight and training of student assistants and interns, workshops, student referrals to services, information collection, analysis of students’ performance, etc. Works with stakeholders in the different internship programs hosted at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, including government internships.

The job requires excellent skills in organization and planning and in-depth knowledge of academic policies, regulations, rules, and the curricula of the different programs.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

- Works closely with the department chairs;

- Advises students on academic decisions (for example, change of program, the election of majors and minors, exchange programs, and transfer between institutions), internship placement opportunities, registration procedures, and study planning;

- Prepares the schedule in close cooperation with the Dean and the department chairs and uploads the schedule to the registration system;

- Consult with the dean and the department chairs on changes to courses and programs, course scheduling, and graduation requirements.

- Prepares minutes if requested;

- Exchanges information with campus offices and entities, students, and the general public regarding college programs and services and other information; makes presentations as requested; plans and conducts workshops and orientations as requested; coordinates logistics and establishes timelines, required  materials, online support services, facilities, publicity, and other program needs;

- Collects and compiles statistical, financial, academic, and other data for regular and special reports to track student profiles and participation, student follow-up, retention and transfer rates, program evaluation criteria, scholarship availability and deadlines, and other information;

- Coordinates the administration of intakes in cooperation with the Admission Office;

- Prepares service contracts and other necessary documents for adjunct faculty of the departments;

- Establishes contacts with potential host organizations for student placements, maintains and develops relations with these organizations;

- Ensures contracts and other legal documents necessary for an internship are signed by the official host organizations;

- Performs duties during governmental internships if necessary;

- Organizes the selection process of students for an academic internship if necessary;

- Prepares information and presentation materials to be distributed by student interns to interested organizations and individuals;

- Advises students on organizational questions regarding internship;

- Participate in the organization of joint projects with hosting organizations;

- Ensure the diligent preparation of the Internship documents in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science;

- Performs other related duties as assigned by the dean.

Minimum Qualifications:

- Master’s degree in a relevant field from a recognized university;

- Leadership and organizational skills;

- Strong interpersonal communication skills with diverse populations such as staff, students, parents, and faculty;

- Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English and Russian;

- Experience in directing the work of others;

- Experience using spreadsheets, charts, and a variety of computer software to format, compose, and present statistical data and reports, including researching, formatting, assessing, and preparing data for reports and other materials;

- Creative, strategic, and analytical thinking with the ability to manage multiple projects.

- Good computer skills;

- Punctual, flexible, customer-oriented.

Desirable Qualifications:

- 3 years experience in education administration, counseling, or other relevant fields;

- Familiarity with different credit systems of higher education;

- Previous administrative experience at higher education institutions, organizing internships, and working with state authorities.

Deadline for submission of applications/resumes is February 28, 2024 inclusive or open until filled

- via our HR Portal (click "Apply" button above)

Please indicate your salary expectations in KZT, net monthly.