Уборщицы(ки) общежития/ Residence hall cleaning ladies (part time / full time)

Department of Residence Life and Housing
Тип вакансии
Тип кандидата
Citizens of Kazakhstan
Тип должности
Дата закрытия
мар 31, 2024

НАО Университет КИМЭП, Жилищный отдел в поисках соискателей на следующие вакантные позиции:

Должности: уборщицы общежития

Департамент: по студенческим вопросам

Отдел:  Жилищный / Общежитие

Непосредственный руководитель: комендант общежития

Цель учреждения данной позиции: обеспечение чистоты и порядка в общежитии.

Основные служебные обязанности:                                                

Минимальные навыки: Cреднее, средне-специальное образование, предыдущий опыт работы на схожей должности как минимум 1 год, знание казахского или русского языков. Умение работать в команде, знать правила санитарии и гигиены, нормы охраны труда, техники безопасности и противопожарной защиты; знать назначение и концентрацию дезинфицирующих и моющих средств.

Предпочтительные навыки: аккуратность

Условия: полный рабочий день, форма, оформление по ТК РК.

Отклики принимаются до найма сотрудников

-через данный HR портал: hr.kimep.kz Просим указать ваши ожидания по заработной плате в тенге до вычета НДФЛ в форме отклика.

- через электронный адрес: recruitment@kimep.kz, укажите вакансию и ожидания по заработной плате




NJSC KIMEP University, Housing Department is seeking applicants for the following vacant positions:

Positions: residence hall cleaners

Department: Student Affairs

Department: Housing / Dormitories

Direct Supervisor: Dorm Commandant

Purpose of the position: To ensure cleanliness and order in the dormitory.


Essential Job Duties:

Comply with the "KIMEP University Labor Regulations";
Know the area assigned to her;
Keep property safe. In case of missing items, immediately report to the Commandant of the dormitory;
Clean the assigned area daily, in a quality and in full compliance with the approved norms, including wiping furniture, taking out garbage, washing window panes and window sills, cleaning garbage cans, plumbing fixtures, floor, panels, removing cobwebs from walls and ceilings, etc.
To do general cleaning according to the schedule;
Timely inform the Commandant of all property and equipment malfunctions discovered during cleaning, if necessary, record requests in logs;
The cleaner must necessarily pass the initial briefing when hired, and then repeated and targeted briefings at the workplace;
Observe the requirements of norms, rules and instructions on occupational health and safety, as well as the employer's requirements for safe conduct of work at the workplace;
Must comply with fire safety regulations. Know the location of fire equipment and know how to use it;
Assist with room set-up (rearranging furniture, etc.) as needed;
Treat cleaning equipment and overalls with care;
Receive assignments daily, according to the schedule, and report to the supervisor;
Close water taps, windows and doors, turn off lights when work is finished;
Be neatly dressed at all times and observe proper etiquette with staff and residents;
All other assignments as assigned by the Director of Housing.
Minimum skills: Secondary, specialized secondary education, previous work experience in a similar position for at least 1 year, knowledge of Kazakh or Russian language. Ability to work in a team, know the rules of sanitation and hygiene, occupational health, safety and fire protection; know the purpose and concentration of disinfectants and detergents.

Preferred skills: neatness

Conditions: full-time, uniform, registration according to the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Responses are accepted before hiring employees

-through this HR portal: hr.kimep.kz Please indicate your expectations for salary in tenge before deduction of personal income tax in the response form.

- via e-mail address: recruitment@kimep.kz, specify the vacancy and salary expectations